Humbled- The gardening experience

Hello friend, it’s so good to have you here!!! Hope you’re well. 2020 blew in some strange wind all over the earth. If you are reading this, then you made it to 2021. Congratulations! You are more than a conqueror! I’ll be sharing some of my experiences in 2020 and how it applies to 2021 … Continue reading Humbled- The gardening experience

Crushed (Life’s Tales #4)

Drops and sheets of water Precipitating unto the planet: The Earth's been cooled The plants refreshed The tiny are snails out- Eggs transformed can now have a chance at life A chance to rejoice in creation But man born unto a woman Is of many sorrows He can feel the cool wind splashing on his … Continue reading Crushed (Life’s Tales #4)

The financial whiz- managing your finances (Life’s Tales #3)

The spotlight beams on a tall, slender, brown-skinned woman in her 50’s, walking down the street; a polythene bag in one hand, the other hand tying her wrapper tightly, so it doesn’t fall off. With the same cloth on every day, she certainly lives below the poverty line in Nigeria, West Africa, but she’s got … Continue reading The financial whiz- managing your finances (Life’s Tales #3)

Life tales- The threshing and winnowing experience

It’s almost two years now, but my first-hand experience is still as fresh and vivid as it can be. Sometimes around November, 2018; I encountered threshing, winnowing and packaging of grains. Threshing out Soyabean manually After planting and watching these crops grow, we processed them manually in their large quantities and varieties. Ranging from maize … Continue reading Life tales- The threshing and winnowing experience